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Leyland Trade Super Leytex Matt Emulsion Paint BrilliantWhite15L
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Leyland Trade Super Leytex Matt Emulsion Paint BrilliantWhite15L

In stock
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Leyland Trade Super Leytex Matt Emulsion Paint BrilliantWhite15L
ColourBrilliant White

Super Leytex High Opacity Matt Emulsion

A full bodied, quick  drying, high opacity, matt finish for interior walls and ceilings. Ideal for work on new plaster, the permeable film has the added benefit of allowing new plaster surfaces to breathe and dry out.

Technical Data

Recommended uses


Type of substrate

New plaster. Also suitable for use on aged plaster, wall boards, concrete, cement rendering, brickwork and blockwork in interior situations.



Volume solid



1 litre will cover approximately 13 square metres, depending on the nature and porosity of the surface. Strong or contrasting colours may require additional coats. When using more than one tin of a colour in the same room, intermix before use.

Drying time

Recoatable after 2-4 hours.

Transportation and storage

To avoid the risk of spillage, always store  and transport in a secure upright position. PROTECT FROM FROST.

Film thickness

Wet: 90µm Dry: 21µm


Ensure surface to be painted is sound, clean, dry and free from grease. Remove all loose and defective paint. Make good surface imperfections and cracks with Filler. Prime where required with the appropriate Leyland Primer. Rub down glossy surfaces with fine waterproof abrasive paper. Avoid the inhalation of dust. Wear a suitable face mask if dry sanding. Seal absorbent surfaces with a solution of 1 part water to 9 parts Leyland Super Leytex High Opacity Matt Emulsion.   


Stir well before use. Do not thin, except for absorbent surfaces, or when applying by roller or spray when a small quantity of clean water may be added. Suitable for application by brush, roller or spray. Apply paint evenly by brush or roller and avoid overspreading. If required apply a second coat after 2-4 hours. Do not apply in temperatures below 10°C


Remove as much product as possible from application equipment before washing. Wash equipment immediately after use in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Some local authorities have special facilities for disposal of waste coatings. Do not empty product into drains or watercourses. Replace lid firmly


  Keep out of reach of children.

  Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

  Do not ingest.

   Do not breathe spray.  Wear respiratory protection.

   If medical advice is needed have container or label to hand.

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